About Rand

Rand is a new kind of financial model with the mission to forever change and democratize finance for all.

Since the 1970s, the financial industry hasn't changed much. It is so deeply established in our economies that these services have become commodities. Their business model involves making as much money as they can from you to attract wealthy individuals with exclusive financial products.

We believe that everyone should have access to these exclusive products to get the most out of their money. So we built Rand to allow you to manage your money in a simple and profitable way.

So how can Rand help you in your daily life?

Using the Rand digital wallet and debit card, we create a new paradigm around what you can do with your money, for example:

Pay all your monthly subscriptions and expenses with the earnings produced in your Private Account

Chase luck and get a chance of winning up to $5,000 in Prize Accounts

Send money to your family across the globe, with the click of a button, with no hidden fees

Set up an automated retirement plan in 2 minutes

4 core features

Private Accounts

Earn 7% on your balance (and up to 10% when you refer friends or deposit with $RND, our in-app currency)

Prize Accounts

Achieve your goals faster with our weekly life-changing prizes.

Debit Card

Connect your Rand card to your accounts to automatically pay your expenses with your earnings.

International Transfers

Send money internationally in the click of a button, with no hidden fees.

How are we able to do all of this?

Based on cutting-edge technology, Rand's model does the same thing financial institutions do more efficiently, through automation, at a fraction of the cost.

Using Web3 and AI technology makes us more profitable than traditional institutions, so we can give back to the people that make our model possible: YOU! #NewMoneyParadigm

How does Rand generate earnings for you?

At the core, Rand works as a liquidity provider for centralized and decentralized money markets.

We use blockchain technology and AI automation to borrow and lend money to multiple financial institutions at fixed or variable interest rates.

In short, we do what traditional financial institutions have been doing for decades, but with ten times fewer associated costs.

How does Rand make money?

We only make money when you do. If we want to be the right money partner for you, we must ensure that your incentives and ours are completely aligned. For that reason, we only make a profit when you earn in your Private or Prize accounts.

We take a small percentage of the earnings generated in-app, to keep the lights on and grow the company to bring you new in-app features and products!

How safe are my deposits?

At Rand, your security is our top priority.

Aside from working closely with financial, insurance and regulatory institutions, Rand’s safety module adds a final layer of security to keep your deposits safe, and gives you the peace of mind to withdraw your savings whenever suits you!

Our partners

We are not building Rand alone. Since our inception, we have been building our products and tools with the best partners in the financial technology industry.

Working At Rand

Working At Rand

Our mission is to disrupt the financial status quo. Rand offers a simple solution that forever changes and democratizes finance for all.