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Rand is a simple mobile wallet and debit card that grows your money, and pays your expenses on autopilot.
Rand is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Pecunia Cards EDE, S.L.U.
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Earn 7% interest on the savings you move into your "Earn Accounts", so you can save it or use it to pay for your expenses.
Use Rand to pay off your larger expenses
Achieve your goals faster by moving your savings into your "Prize Accounts", where you can win big every week without risking your deposits.
Pay Your Expenses With Your In-App Earnings
Connect your Rand Debit Card to your favorite streaming accounts and pay monthly bills automatically with your earnings.
Go global, for zero fees.
Send money internationally with the click of a button, with no hidden fees.
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Join over 30,000 community members and investors and be a part of Rand’s growth.

"RAND Network raises $2.3M to help GenZ & Millennials gain financial freedom"

"Security is a core value of the Rand Team, that's why they are working diligently to surround themselves with the best possible security partners out there."

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Rand is a simple digital wallet that reimagined the way you spend, send and earn money.
Banking services provided by Pecunia Cards EDE, S.L.U.